Where Water Turns Into Healing: Gönen

Where Water Turns Into Healing: Gönen

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Gönen is one of the first addresses of those who seek a resting place for a warm winter resort, hot water that has been filtered through the heart of the earth has been healing for human beings for centuries.

Beyond being a “cliché”, the quote of “Istanbul’s stones and soils are golden” is a “target” indicator for the Anatolian people. But in fact, Anatolia is full of “gold”. One of these golds is Gönen and its world-famous healing hot springs.

Turkey is full of wonders, there are thermal and medicinal in many parts of the country. spas Gönen Thermal Springs are one of these wonders and it is an excellent alternative for those who want to find some healing as well as having a vacation especially in the winter season.

Where Water Turns Into Healing: Gönen

The enjoyment of thermal healing is beautiful in a different way in winter

Many private operators and municipalities that transfered the beauty brought by the healing waters into their tourism reels, have opened beautiful hotels in here. Hotels are actively many serving in four seasons, but the enjoyment of the thermal hot springs in win is beautiful in a different way. Having a natural water massage in the thermal pools is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do here.

Besides, there are other options such as herbal baths, aromatherapy, skin care, cellulite treatment and slimming treatments. Of course, it is also possible to have steam baths in all rooms of the hotel. In addition to all there, centers established as “Improving Health and Healing Unit” offer physiotherapy for those suffering from muscular and joint disorders.

This spa, which has been offering healing to people for three thousand years, is a very economical place for those who are seeking for cure and want to make a quiet and warm holiday. Hotels including overnight accommodation, buffet dinner have prices breakfast and open between approximately 100 to 200 TL.

What Does The Hot Spring Water Heals?

Where Water Turns Into Healing: Gönen

The natural hot spring waters are coming from the depths of 275 meters and because being separated from the atmospheric waters, the water remains the same without losing its features as being pure and clean, in a very rare way. The Ministry of Health has proven that healing water is the cure for many diseases, and even this has spread throughout the world.

According to the scientists, spring water is good at healing rheumatism, joint aches, waist and neck stools, post-operative pain, orthopedic and neurological disorders. Inhalation of this waters vapor is also very good for those who suffer from upper and lower respiratory tract disorders. If you dring it, it will be a cure for stomach and intestinal problems.

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